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About us

Out of concern for our youngest patients, we have divided the Ward into two parts. One of them deals with newborns from pregnancies and physiological births, controls the course of the adaptation period; the second enables the treatment of newborns with a wide range of pathologies and conducts intensive therapy. We perform ultrasound examinations of the hip joints and ultrasound assessment of the central nervous system in all infants. Cooperation with a pediatric cardiologist enables us to diagnose cardiac problems early, including the diagnosis of congenital heart defects. We know how important the start itself is in everyone’s life.
Oddział Neonatologiczny
Dr. Jarosław Groszko, MD, PhD
Head of the department

Pediatrician, specialist in neonatology. A graduate of the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice. Since 1997, he has been organizing and running Neonatal Departments, e.g. in Gliwice, Bytom and Tychy. For 12 years he was the deputy spokesman for professional liability at the Silesian Chamber of Physicians.
Oddział Neonatologiczny
Iwona Banaś
Ward nurse

Master of Nursing, Master of Management, specialist in pediatric nursing, specialist in neonatal nursing.
Our team consists of experienced neonatologists with many years of experience, as well as young doctors who are distinguished by their extensive knowledge and a wide range of skills, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates. The department is accredited to conduct specialization in neonatology and conducts specialization training in this field.


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