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About us

We take care of patients suffering from orthopedic diseases and patients after injuries within the musculoskeletal system. We carry out a full spectrum of surgical procedures in the field of musculoskeletal reconstruction. Thanks to the hospital’s comprehensive diagnostic offer, we are able to perform specialist imaging tests of the osteoarticular system using three-dimensional reconstruction techniques. Patients after operations undergo initial rehabilitation and work with our physiotherapists. We have 2 operating rooms, 28 beds and an intensive post-operative supervision room. Patients are cared for by qualified physicians-specialists and experienced and empathic nursing staff.

Our team

Oddział Neurologiczny i Udarowy
Bow. Mateusz Hanslik
Department Head
Oddział Chirurgii Rekonstrukcyjnej Narządu Ruchu
Ewa Żerańska, MA
Ward nurse

Master of Nursing, Master of Health Pedagogy, completed postgraduate studies in Law in Health Care and Organization and Management in Health Care, currently specializing in surgical nursing.

Our team consists of specialists and residents in the field of orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system.

bow. Jaroslaw Musiałowicz bow. Grzegorz Hat bow. Lukasz Chmielewski Maciej Żelawski, MD, PhD bow. Karolina Skarysz-Kałwa bow. Zenon Joniec – Branch Consultant Initial post-operative rehabilitation of patients within the ward is carried out by a team of physiotherapists led by Dagmare Pisarzowska, MA.


Patricia Judge Aneta Wojtkun-Werner


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