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About us

The Department specializes in comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of diseases in elderly patients, especially related to cognitive disorders. At the Department, we conduct individual rehabilitation and group exercises, and patients participate in daily activities and presentations of films in the field of health promotion and health prevention. In addition to treating seniors, it is important to educate their carers, which is why the staff of the Department conducts educational classes for entire families. We suggest how to care for seniors, also when they get sick, how to train their memory and take care of their good condition. There are 18 beds at the disposal of patients.
Oddział Neurologiczny i Udarowy
dr n. med Agnieszka Jabłeka
Head of the Department
Oddział Neurologiczny i Udarowy
MSc. Monika Barwicka - Nurse in the Geriatric Ward
MA in Nursing, MA in Management, specialist in geriatric nursing, moreover, she completed postgraduate studies in Geriatrics and gerontology, she is in the process of further postgraduate studies in Psychogeriatrics.


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