4. Plebiscite: Hippocrates 2022, Nurse of the Year (ended on September 27)

https://dziennikzachodni.pl/p/kandydaci/hipokrates-2022 %2C1013399/
Katarzyna Gąsiorek: 57th place – 116 votes

5. “In parks in Tychy we collect acorns for the Forest Emergency Service”, www.tychy.info.pl, September 17, 2022 – box in the park near the hospital

https: //www.tychy.info/news/16127-in-tyskie-parks-we-collect-acorns-for-forest-emergency-tychy

6. Medical conference entitled: “Comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and priorities of modern healthcare”, September 29, 2022 in Ustroń (president Mariola Szulc participated in the panel)

6.1. “It’s supposed to be interesting and modern. Big plans for Ustroń Zawodzia (VISUALIZATIONS)”, www.beskidzka24.pl, September 29, 2022
https:/ /beskidzka24.pl/ma-byc-interestingly-and-modern-big-planu-retreat-fails-visualizations/
6.2. “In Ustroń about treatment, prevention, hospitals and … architecture”, www.pap.pl, September 30, 2022
https: //www.pap.pl/mediaroom/1439860%2Cw-ustroń-about-treatment-prophylaxis-hospitals-and-architecture.html
6.3. “In Ustroń about treatment, prevention, hospitals and … architecture”, www.razemztoba.pl, October 3, 2022
https://razemztoba.pl/w -retreat-about-treatment-prevention-hospitals-and-architecture/
6.4. “In Ustroń about treatment, prevention, hospitals and … architecture”, www.medkurier.pl, October 3, 2022
https://medkurier.pl/w -retreat-about-treatment-prevention-hospitals-and-architecture/
6.5. “In Ustroń about healthcare priorities”, www.mp.pl, October 3, 2022

7. Investments

5.1. “Support for hospitals in the region”, www.slaska.pl, July 29, 2022
https://www.slaskie.pl/content /support-for-hospitals-in-the-region
5.2. “Megrez Regional Specialist Hospital in Tychy will receive PLN 8 million”, www.nowinytyskie.pl, July 29, 2022
https:// www.nowinytyskie.pl/wojewodzki-szpital-specialyczny-megrez-in-tychy-receives-8-million-zloty
5.3. “Investments worth about PLN 100 million are waiting for Megrez Regional Hospital”, www.tychy24.net, September 26, 2022 -provincial-hospital/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

8. The jubilee of the hospital

4.1. “5O years of the Megrez hospital in Tychy”, newspaper Your Tychy, www.tychy.pl, September 20, 2022
https://www.tychy.pl/ wp-content/uploads/2022/09/tt774egazeta.pdf
4.2. “The provincial hospital in Tychy celebrates its golden jubilee: Time capsule and tree planting. See the photos”, www.dziennikzachodni.pl, September 21, 2022
” < /a>
4.3. “Megrez Provincial Hospital in Tychy celebrates 50 years. They planted trees on this occasion, they also prepared a time capsule, there will be further investments”, www.tychy24.net, September 21, 2022
https://tychy24.net/megrez-szpital-wojewodzki-w-tychach-celebrates-50 years-on-this-occasion-they-planted-trees-prepared -also-time-capsule-will-also-investments/
4.4. “50th anniversary of the Voivodeship”, www.tychy.pl, September 21, 2022
https://www.tychy.pl/2022 /09/21/50-anniversary of the-voivodship/
4.5. “Tychy: 50th anniversary of the Megrez Hospital. Time capsule and planted trees”, www.noweinfo.pl, September 21, 2022,
https://noweinfo .pl/tychy-50th-anniversary-hospital-megrez-time-capsule-and-planted-trees/
+ sharing the article on Facebook, September 21, 2022:
https://www.facebook.com/noweinf/posts/pfbid02TV5S5x7U8qbaJL99GfXDmbyqHNBuHQLwCDcypSKZAoQabFFZb5zVw4Hu84qBUvdGl?__cft__[0]=AZUhzh GUpW3x17u4pkWD3ojlxE3572U639BynqfpLcYKDL67MDcXKmItY0d1eORCCVFEdB3Ds-W5CuO5FCX_LUm3vRf7iXsHSE1Hb7ElETpjxJf1DQ5riJxVOh0zUNh-S8ap3UKPojHCS5vHpQ8Y IMqWiqh84SJhw83C1lElCLLb3QYtFkexoyAkq7Ull6eLLVrptD-zzHWAALE5ukD9i716&__tn__ =%2CO%2CP-R
4.6. “Planting trees on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Megrez Hospital in Tychy”, www.youtube.pl – “Nowe Info” biweekly, September 21, 2022
4.7. “50 years of the Megrez Regional Specialist Hospital”, www.radio.katowice.pl, September 21, 2022
https:/ /www.radio.katowice.pl/zobacz,62512,-50-years-of-the-Provincial-Specialist-Hospital-Megrez.html
4.8. “[PHOTO] 50 years of Megrez. The jubilee was hosted by actor Piotr Cyrwus”, www.tychy.info.pl, September 22, 2022
4.9. “50 years in Tychy, i.e. the jubilee of the Megrez Provincial Specialist Hospital. We will continue to support the facility”, www.nowinytyskie.pl, September 22, 2022
https://www.nowinytyskie.pl/50-lat-w-tychach-Czy-jubileusz-wojewodzkiego-szpitala-specialyczny-megrez-bedziemy-nadal-wspierac-placowke? external=1&site=13
4.10. “Jubilee of the Megrez Hospital in Tychy”, www.slaska.tv, September 22, 2022
https://www.slaska.tv/jubileusz-szpitala -megrez-in-these/
4.11. “50th anniversary of the provincial hospital in Tychy – see PHOTOS: There was a famous actor, time capsule, tree planting…”, www.tychy.naszemiasto.pl, September 23, 2022
https: //tychy.naszemiasto.pl/jubilee-50-years-of-the-provincial-hospital-in-tychy-see/ar/c1-9006649
4.12. “The hospital in Tychy celebrates its 50th birthday”, www.dwakwadranse.pl, September 23, 2022
https://www.dwakwadranse.pl/szpital -in-thic-celebrates-50-birthday
4.13. “Half a century of the hospital in Tychy”, www.mp.pl, September 26, 2022
https://www.mp.pl/kurier/306960, half-century-of-the-hospital in Tychy
4.14. “Bed for the 50th anniversary”, “Abraham Wojewódzki”, “Twoje Tychy” newspaper, September 27, 2022
https://www.tychy.pl/ wp-content/uploads/2022/09/tt775egazeta.pdf
4.15. “Megrez celebrates half a century of existence”, printed publication in the paper monthly “Dwa Kwadranse”, October 2022

9. Changes/Renovations

3.1. “Megrez – a new location of the Night and Christmas Health Care Clinic”, www.tychy.pl, February 28, 2022
3.2. “New Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center will be established in Tychy”, www.umtychy.pl, July 8, 2022
https://umtychy.pl/ article/7660/new-psychological-pedagogical-clinic-uprising-in-these
3.3. “New neon sign on the roof of the Megrez hospital”, www.tychy.pl, July 26, 2022https://www.tychy.pl/2022/07/26/new-neon-on-the-roof-hospital-megrez/

10. Coronavirus – statement by the President of the Megrez Hospital, Mariola Szulc

2.1. “It’s time to pay off your health debt. There will be more places for chronically ill patients in hospitals, but not immediately”, www.rynekzdrowia.pl, April 5, 2022
https://www.rynekzdrowia.pl/Finanse-i-zarzadzanie/Czas-splacic-dlug-zdrowotny-W-szpitalach-bedzie-wiecej- Miejsce-dla-chorych-przewlekle-ale-nie-od-razu,231159, 1.html

11. Birth Summary

1.1. “459 children were born in the Megrez Hospital in Tychy in 2021”, www.slaska.tv, January 18, 2022
1.2. “459 children were born in the Megrez Hospital in Tychy in 2021”, www.silesia24.pl, January 18, 2022
1.3. “More boys than girls were born in the hospital in Tychy. There were also 4 pairs of twins”, www.tychy24.net, January 19, 2022https://tychy24.net/w-tyskim-szpitalu-na-swiat-przyszlo-wiecej-chlopcow-niz- girls-there-also-4-pairs-of-twins/

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