The main tasks of the person employed in the position are:

1. Organizing, planning and supervising the work of medical secretaries in the Hospital;
2. Supervision and ensuring competent and timely performance of the following tasks by medical secretaries:
a. providing information to Patients in accordance with the competences of medical secretaries;
b. setting dates of admission of Patients to hospital wards;
c. preparation of lists of procedures and disease entities in the IT system;
d. ongoing updating of the computer database: keeping a register of births and deaths,
e. keeping the waiting queue,
f. cooperation with the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station – reporting infectious diseases,
g. keeping a register of reported consultations with other branches,
h. submitting notifications regarding cancer to the competent authorities in accordance with applicable regulations,
i. preparation of data necessary to prepare reports for external institutions and organizational units of the Hospital
j. keeping the General Ledger and other documentation related to the patient’s stay in the Hospital
k. timely preparation of materials for the settlement of health services with the National Health Fund, in accordance with the terms of the contract,
l. settlement of medical services in inpatient and outpatient healthcare
m. preparation of medical documentation for transfer to the hospital archives in accordance with applicable standards
n. providing the Financial Accounting Department with documents and information regarding commercially provided services and services provided
uninsured patients

3. Ensuring an efficient flow of data and documents allowing for timely, correct and optimal settlement of benefits from the National Health Fund;
4. Monitoring changes in applicable regulations and implementing them in the Hospital;
5. Initiating solutions to organize and optimize the work of medical secretaries and aimed at improving the quality of settlements of medical procedures;
6. Providing professional and cultural patient service and building a positive image of the Hospital;
7. Cooperation with the Department of Medical Statistics and Contracting, the Team for Settlement of Health Benefits, the Finance and Accounting Department and the Hospital Archives.

Expectations towards Candidates:

  • Higher education;
  • Experience in managing a team of employees;
  • Professional experience as a medical secretary or a similar administrative position in a healthcare entity;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the work of a medical secretary;
  • Amms skills;
  • Highly developed organizational skills, ability to plan and organize work in practice;
  • Ability to work and make decisions under time pressure.

We offer:

  • Stable employment based on a full-time employment contract with an employer with an established position on the market;
  • Working time in accordance with the standards applicable in health care units, 37 hours. 55 minutes per week;
  • Non-wage benefits: Multisport pass and group insurance on attractive terms;
  • Opportunity to gain professional experience in a recognizable medical facility, which is one of the largest hospitals in the region.

Thank you for all your submissions. We kindly inform you that we will contact the selected Candidates.

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