City car parks are located in the immediate vicinity of the Megrez hospital.

The hospital is adapted to the needs of the elderly and disabled. There are elevators in the hospital, and communication routes between the wards allow you to move around the hospital without obstacles.

Our hospital is wheelchair accessible:

– at 7.00 – 15.00 through the driveway next to the entrance to the Specialist Clinic No. 1 in Tychy,

– through the pavilion where the Polish-American Heart Clinics are located. Access by car is possible to the car park right next to the door via the road leading to our Specialist Clinics and Christmas Night Care. From there, a passage connecting the pavilion with the hospital leads to the main building, to the elevators, which can take you to all floors where the hospital wards are located. Elevators are also located in a detached building belonging to WSS Megrez, where the following departments are located: Geriatric and Observational-Infectious Diseases.

– through the Admissions Office: it is possible to transport patients in private cars via the ambulance driveway. The parking time of the car before entering the IP should be reduced to the necessary minimum.

It is also possible to use a wheelchair, which you will find in the Admission Room.

How to get to the hospital / where to park

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