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Source: Vademecum 2012,

After 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. the next day (24 hours a day on public holidays), the patient can use medical and nursing care as part of night and holiday health care. Night and holiday medical care services are provided free of charge and without a referral.

Source: Vademecum 2012

The doctor on duty at the clinic provides advice:

» on an outpatient basis,
» by phone,
» in medically justified cases – at the patient’s home.

A patient may benefit from this form of healthcare in the following cases:

» sudden illness;
» sudden deterioration of health when there are no symptoms
suggesting a direct threat to life or significant damage to health, and the means used
home or over-the-counter medications have not brought the expected improvement;
» when there is a fear that waiting for the opening of the clinic may significantly adversely affect

Source: Vademecum 2012

The use of POZ benefits at night and on holidays is justified by, among others:

» exacerbation of symptoms of a known chronic disease (e.g. another attack of bronchial asthma
with moderate shortness of breath);
» respiratory tract infection with high fever (greater than 39°C), especially in young children and the elderly;
» abdominal pain that persists despite the use of antispasmodics;
» headaches that persist despite the use of painkillers;
» diarrhea or vomiting, especially in children or the elderly;
» stopping wind, stool or urine;
» sudden pain in the back, spine, joints, limbs, etc.;
» mental disorders (with the exception of aggression or a suicide attempt – then an ambulance should be called).

Source: Vademecum 2012

Night and holiday medical care cannot be obtained:

» a follow-up visit in connection with previously started treatment;
» prescriptions for drugs used on a regular basis in connection with a chronic disease;
» routine health certificate;

Night and holiday clinic

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