Geriatric Department

Our department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of elderly diseases, especially those related to cognitive disorders.

Otolaryngology Department

Our department treats all cases of diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat and larynx, acute inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, cancer…

Department of Neurology and Stroke

In our ward, we diagnose and treat diseases of the nervous system. The qualifications of the doctors and the medical equipment of the Stroke Subunit allowed us to specialize in the treatment of strokes.

Neonatal Department

Out of concern for our patients, we have divided the ward into two parts. One of them deals with newborns from pregnancies and physiological deliveries…

Department of Internal Medicine

We take care of patients with diagnosed diseases, including: thyroid, gastrointestinal or urinary tract, osteoarticular system or respiratory tract.

Hospital Wards

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