Attorney for the Integrated Management System
Agata Kaszyca
phone: 32 325 53 40,
mobile phone +48 887 277 815

Our primary goal is to provide patients with professional and comprehensive care based on applicable medical standards, creating a safe and friendly hospital for both patients and employees.

With a view to constantly improving the quality of services in order to increase patient safety, reduce the risk of medical errors, satisfy and meet patients’ expectations, in 2014 we implemented and constantly improve the Integrated Management System (IMS), based on the requirements of the hospital accreditation program and management systems compliant with with the standards ISO 9001 – Quality Management, 27001 – Information Security Management.

The system allows for regular assessment of the safety of a hospitalized patient, drawing conclusions from the conducted assessment and implementing corrective and improvement actions based on the monitored data.

Quality in the hospital

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