Laboratory of Histopathology

32 325 53 70

Dissecting room

32 325 52 74

The Secretariat of the Department of Pathomorphology operates in the following hours:

Pon-Pt 7:00-14:35

About us

The Pathomorphology Department has been operating since the beginning of the hospital’s existence, i.e. since 1971, and it consists of the Histopathology Laboratory and the Dissecting Room. The task of the Pathomorphology Department is to perform autopsy examinations, post-mortem diagnostics, and store corpses of deceased persons in a hospital or in medical entities that have concluded an agreement with the Company. The Department performs histopathological and cytological examinations, including intraoperative examinations (INTRA) in the field of gynecology and surgery. We also participate in the Rapid Oncology Track (DILO) program.

Our team

The team consists of:

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