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About us

Our intention is to effectively restore the comfort of life, and if possible, 100% physical fitness. We want physiotherapy to be perceived as a comprehensive process of returning to full fitness. Our goal is to improve patients with musculoskeletal dysfunctions, develop the best possible rehabilitation programs, and thus lead to the fastest possible recovery.

We provide patients with the highest level of treatment, guaranteed by highly specialized staff and modern medical equipment located in our Department.

Our team

We constantly improve our qualifications and broaden the range of skills by taking part in numerous courses, trainings and conferences in the field of physiotherapy. We actively participate in projects promoting health, recreation and a healthy lifestyle.

We provide our patients with therapy individually tailored to their problems and needs. We are interested in the cause of the dysfunction, so we look for the sources of the problem, we do not focus only on the symptoms. We place great emphasis on raising the patient’s awareness and his active participation in the rehabilitation process.

Treatment offer

Technical background

Zakład Rehabilitacji

The kinesitherapy room is equipped with rehabilitation tables, the innovative SLING THERAPY KINESIS system and the KINESIS EASY CORE column, UGUL, Sanders lifts, a chair for resistance exercises, ladders, rotors, boards for manual hand exercises, handrails for learning to walk, an exercise device ankle joints and exercise bikes.

Physiotherapy rooms have devices for electrotherapy, combined therapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, magnetic field therapy, light therapy, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy.

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